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Okay this was good especially Wesker and Resident Evil 2 part but i think Rodrigo talks to fast at the begging of the flash and last thing Chris's voice actor is still bad I would of not of hired him.

Good but some stuff up's.

Good parts are

1. The fire on the candles looks great.
2. Wesker's cat hiss and jump is LOL.
3. Steve's jump into the water is also LOL.

Now there are some stuff up's, My opinion.

1. Wesker's foot looks funny on his first step towards Claire.
2. Rodrigo sounds to much like Barry.
3. Brains to me is not funny.
4. Voice actor of Chris sucks, He should be fired.
5. Steve's jacket sleeves changes color for a sec.
6. When it show's Alfred holding the Rifle from the distance it is too small.
7. Inside Wesker's mouth the color is Brown unless it is supposed to be like that.
8. In REP Chris says Fudge in this he says the F Bomb why doesn't he say fudge
9. Steve's Lugers look like Sub Machine Guns.
10. When Chris is listening to "Friday" There is no photo nor song name so he doesn't know what he is listening to.
11. You can't read Wesker's notifications unless you pause it.
12. Steve's head looks chubby when he is shown from side in the second last scene.

All In total went down cause of stuff ups, went up for good animation and comedy.

So 3/5 8/10

BTW. You can see " Rock Piece Of Crap Island out the window when Chris is talking to Leon in Pwanchi Burger.


Funny Flash :)
Cody = Jerk. Witch = Funny.
Ryan = Stupid. Witch = Funny
Yoko = Funny. Witch = Funny
Tod = Funny. Witch = Funny
Logan = Weirdo. Witch = Funny

And these people are obsessed with your guys Resident Evil flashes this is better then your Resident Evil Flashes And That's The Truth The Whole Truth.

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Great game.

This game was great!!! It's entertaining, fun you did great :)

One of the best games on Newgrounds.

A great game indeed. This game is one of the best on Newgrounds it reminded me of another game on Newgrounds but this was way better than it. There's just one problem I wished there was more levels in it besides that one of the best games on Newgrounds 5/5 10/10.


I'm from Australia and great game.

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good not as good

not as good as happy man but still good


how the heck did you draw that with skill probably good job!

I voice Yoko on Pwanchi Burger so you should probably check it out. I also make Flipnotes on Flipnote Hatena so check them out my user name on it is "k8756"

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